Disease and Illness Prevention, Nutrition

Vegetarian chili

When making a vegetarian chili, how many aluminium cans do you open? Five, six, more? Making a meal from cans doesn’t appeal to me, but when fresh foods are not available, canned foods are an alternative. And when you are short on time, cans are convenient. Nonetheless, if you are trying to minimise your exposure […]

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Beluga black lentils and red quinoa

I love eating fresh and minimally processed foods. However, eating well often requires preparation and a certain amount of planning. Of course, if you work during the week, it isn’t always easy to get your act together in the kitchen. When I come home from work, I try to avoid the trap of reaching out […]

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Creamy vegan mushroom stroganoff

This creamy and savoury mushroom stroganoff sauce is made in a large skillet or wok. For a fresh taste, I like to whip up my own cashew cream on the side. Cashew cream is fast and simple to make. All that you need are raw cashews, water and a small blender or Nutribullet and in […]

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