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Green Thai curry bowls

Coconut milk, made from white coconut flesh and water, is a staple of Thai cuisine. But are coconuts good for you? If you look at the research, coconuts and their products tend to swing between the “good food” and “bad food” camps. However, one common thread that stands out is that coconuts and coconut-based products, […]

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Green Thai Curry Paste

This green Thai curry paste is made with fresh chilies, herbs and roots. Traditionally, a dozen or more green chili peppers, along with other raw ingredients, are hand pounded with a mortar and pestle until a paste is formed. The green peppers, usually regular chili or bird’s eye Thai chili or a mix of both, […]

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Miso-glazed aubergine made easy

If you like roasted aubergine, you’ll love this! Nasu Dengaku is a Japanese miso-glazed aubergine (eggplant) grilled over a flame. The glaze is traditionally made with miso paste, sake, mirin, oil and sugar. Because I don’t regularly cook with rice wine or other exotic teriyaki condiments, I changed some of the ingredients in the traditional […]

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