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My Saturday morning creative process

This morning, I’m working on a pecan square recipe for Christmas. Later today, I’ll make a creamy tomato soup that is great for cold, rainy November weather. When I create recipes, the process often begins with scribbles, arrows and messy notes on paper. The next step is to make sure that I have all the […]

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Pumpkin walnut loaf cake

It’s pumpkin season and there are so many delicious recipes that you can make with pumpkin purée: pumpkin spice latte; dips; soups; breads; scones; pancakes; cakes; and more! I normally make my own pumpkin purée right on the stovestop because the canned version is difficult to find where I live. And, when available, it is […]

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Hearty autumn soup

Sometimes the best meals are the ones made with foods that are easy to find at the local grocery store. There is nothing fancy or exotic about this hearty autumn soup, but it’s the kind of soup that you will want to make over and over again. Made with an array of garden and root vegetables, potatoes, […]

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Steel-cut apple porridge

I often cook and bake with rolled oats. But when the mornings are cool, I reach out for steel-cut oats and make a warm batch of breakfast porridge. Steel-cut oats, also known as Irish or Scottish oats, are not available here in France or Switzerland. (I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find them, but if you […]

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