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Now, it’s your turn to speak!

Quite often, anxiety and public speaking go together. Many people experience sweaty palms, a racing heart and shallow breathing whenever they are in front of an audience. The scientific term for this fear is glossophobia. However, public speaking doesn’t have to be that way. With practice, you can turn your anxiety into pleasure and excitement, and […]

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Autism: A family’s story

“There are things you can do that other people can’t, like name notes on the piano just by hearing them. And you are really good at math. Sometimes there are things we are good at and sometimes we have things with which we need a bit of help. So you really aren’t much different than anybody else.” […]

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Comforting homemade vegetable soup

John and I took our daughter Kristen to the airport this morning. As I am writing this post, she is flying back to Canada after having spent Christmas with us. It isn’t easy being separated from your children, let alone being separated by an ocean. But, kids have to move on and find their own way in […]

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