Hemp Heart Granola

I’m into hemp these days. No, I’m not smoking it, I’m cooking with it. These soft edible kernels are nutritious and can be easily sprinkled on salads, cereals or other main dishes. Hemp hearts are white and green kernels found inside hemp seeds. These seeds are cultivated from hemp plants and share the same species […]

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Lifestyle and Fitness, Nutrition

Welcome Home Alexandra!

In about 20 minutes, my oldest daughter Alexandra will be home this morning and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HER!! Right now, John is at the airport waiting for her. She’s coming in from the USA where she is currently studying and will be showered with loads of love, good food including this fresh bowl […]

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Disease and Illness Prevention, Nutrition

Steel-cut apple porridge

I often cook and bake with rolled oats. But when the mornings are cool, I reach out for steel-cut oats and make a warm batch of breakfast porridge. Steel-cut oats, also known as Irish or Scottish oats, are not available here in France or Switzerland. (I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find them, but if you […]

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