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Fresh and healthy blueberry muffins

They’re moist, they’re healthy and they’re bursting with blueberries! I came up with this recipe this weekend. Packed with wholesome ingredients, these muffins are great at breakfast or as a mid-day snack. I made them with white spelt flour, wheat germ, rolled oats, Greek yoghurt, almond or cashew butter, almond or cashew milk and eggs. […]

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Healthy tasty muffins

These “new and improved” muffins are loaded with sweet juicy blueberries which were cultivated and harvested in Switzerland, where I live. However, when it comes to fresh blueberries, I still prefer the smaller wild bush berries that grow in Canada and the USA. I recently came across an old blueberry muffin recipe that I used to make 20 years ago when I was […]

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