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Vegetable stock or broth?

Is it stock or broth? Lately, I’ve been using the words interchangeably. When I make vegetable stock or broth, nothing goes to waste. I don’t strain the boiled vegetables. Instead, I process them with a handheld blender straight in the pot and with the boiled water and I’m never sure if I end up with […]

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Spreading laughter, just for the health of it

We love to laugh because it makes us feel good. People who have more laughter in their lives are, quite often, healthier and happier. Laughter relieves stress and tension. It’s good for your mind, body and spirit. As the old saying goes: laughter is the best medicine. In a previous post, I’ve highlighted 12 reasons to laugh more. Laughter is a […]

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Artichoke, chickpea and lemon dip

I love this artichoke dip! It’s light, lemony and easy to make. Artichokes are excellent for you. They are high in antioxidants and are a rich source of vitamins, fibre and minerals. Ideally, you should boil or steam fresh artichokes and scrape out the hearts, though this can be time-consuming. An alternative is to buy the artichoke hearts marinated. Marinated artichokes have a […]

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